DHA City Lahore Prices Update Feb 8 2016

DHA City Lahore Prices Update

Feb 8 closing rates. Rates are on fast rise changing even during an hour so must call us on regular phone or WhatsApp for current DHA City rates.

5 Marla @ 11.45 Lacs
10 Marla @ 18.70 Lacs
1 Kanal @ 35 Lacs

DHA City Lahore have now started to gain very solidly. Gain very strong today InshaAllah you won\’t see DHA City yesterday prices in future now. I am very keenly looking forward from this time to see very strong performance from DHA City Lahore files just like my past all time most favorites first Bahria Town sector C and later on DHA6 and Prism DHA 9 gained big in recently. I strongly recommend DHA City Lahore every week from April 2015 at price of 9.50 lacs for minimum 5 years hold time. Its gained and went to 13 lacs in past few months but now after digesting very bad press in recent past finally people have accepted its actually is PROPER DHA LAHORE MILITARY backed project. So from now I dont believe it can fall lower that 10.5 lacs the lowest price for last week.

I have uploaded a very detailed audio few days ago on DHA city Lahore here that will educate each holder in great details. Please spare some time to listen understand important points about DHA City Lahore investment before buying or selling it.


In long run DHA City Lahore will be a very big winner InshaAllah . I have explained it 100s times since April 2015 already why DHA city Lahore possible gains could be over 200% in next 3 to 5 years for risk takers buying it at todays prices. Risk is not loss of your money. Risk of only 5 percent is a delay in its affairs getting cleared and its location and ballot date announcement etc. Since its now pure military backed DHA Lahore run project so our money is not going to be lost in InshaAllah. I have full faith and trust in DHA Lahore management rest future is only know by Allah. No matter where its going to be located Insha Allah DHA City Lahore will be a huge winner . Like Bahria town sector C and DHA Lahore Phase 9 Proper was highly recommended by me at just 14 lacs just 5 years and turned out to be a gold mines InshaAllah DHA City Lahore will be next big winner.

I would still recommend buying 5 marla files before 10 marla or one kanal because IF or WHEN it is moved to DHA Lahore phase 9 extension area you will earn more gains. Even on current location 5 marla is easy to buy or sell as more people can afford low budgets. In a phase where more large plots are available small plots get bad locations bit DHA city 75% plots are of small size so your chance of getting only a good 5 marla are much much greater. And gain will be more. Small plots always return bigger.

All transfers for DHA City Lahore are held inside DHA Lahore head office in phase 6 like any other property in DHA5 6 7 8 9 Prism Ivy Green etc. Overseas Pakistani dont have to travel to Pakistan to buy DHA City Lahore files or any DHA Lahore property. All you need is Valid passport copy CNIC and Visa copy and entry exit pages copy plus two pictures. Any of your relative friend or Lahore Real Estate can transfers file in your name.

Lahore Real Estate is DHA Lahore registered Authorized dealer. Lahore Real Estate is leader in DHA Lahore files buying selling. We are dealers of dealers. So instead of coming to us through a middle man dealer why not call us directly to save some money. Best persons to call at Lahore Real Estate for buying selling DHA City Lahore files are

Adil Saeed +923224009766
Mian Fawad +923024489001
Asim Irfan +923224003475

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I am just a text away If you have more quotations about DHA City Lahore.

Your friend.
Choudry Mujahid Yasin (CMY)
+16308024186 for direct messages


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